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English /ˈluːsiː/ LOO-see, French: [lysi]





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Lucy, Luci, Luce, Lucia, Lucey, Lucio, Lucile, Luciana, Luciano, Lucinda, Luca

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Lucie is the French and Czech form of the female name Lucia. Notable people with the name include:


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Given name[edit]

Lucie Ahl, British former tennis player
Lucie Arnaz, American actress
Lucie Aubrac, member of the French Resistance
Lucie Balthazar, former Canadian handbal player
Lucie Barât, British actress and musician
Lucie Bílá, Czech pop singer
Lucie-Anne Blazek, Swiss figure skater
Lucie Blue Tremblay, Canadian singer-songwriter
Lucie Böhm, Austrian orienteer
Lucie Brock-Broido, American poet
Lucie Campbell, American composer
Lucie Cave, British journalist
Lucie Charlebois, Canadian politician
Lucie Décosse, French judoka
Lucie Dejardin, Belgian politician
Lucie Delarue-Mardrus, French writer
Lucie Edwards, Canadian diplomat
Lucie Fink, Video Producer and Lifestyle Host
Lucie Green, British astrophysicist
Lucie Guay, Canadian sprint canoer
Lucie Höflich, German actress
Lucie Hradecká, Czech tennis player
Lucie Králová, Czech female model
Lucie Krausová, Czech figure skater
Lucie Lamoureux-Bruneau, Canadian politician
Lucie Laurier, Canadian actress
Lucie, Lady Duff-Gordon, English writer
Lucie Leblanc, Canadian politician
Lucie Mannheim, German actress
Lucie Myslivečková, Czech ice dancer
Lucie Oršulová, Czech ski mountaineer
Lucie Paus Falck, Norwegian politician
Lucie Pépin, Canadian politician
Lucie Rie, British studio potter
Lucie Salhany, American media executive
Lucie Silvas, British singer-songwriter
Lucie Šafářová, Czech tennis player
Lucie Talmanová, Czech politician
Lucie Vondráčková, Czech actress and singer


Edward Lucie-Smith, British writer
Lawrence Lucie, American jazz guitarist

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